Grant Marketing Workshops and Webinars: Demonstrable Marketing Strategies to Keep You Competitive 

strategy-april-LP.jpgLet the learning come to you. Grant Marketing provides the following workshops and webinars—that can be customized to your unique needs. Find out how to maximize these marketing strategies regarding:

Inbound Marketing Methodology: What’s all this fuss about inbound marketing? Increased visibility, brand share, customer satisfaction, and more sales—that’s all. Discover how B2B business is now being done: through inbound methodologies that help prospects self-identify as a customer through targeted content that creates qualified leads, enable sales, and guide prospects as they journey down the sales funnel.  

Content Creation Program: Discover how to help prospects and customers self-identify with your company through content marketing; target prospects (personas); translate your industry knowledge into powerful sales enablement content offers; and turn your website into your hardest working sales team member! Learn the strategies you need to implement a content marketing plan and build a library so your answers are the ones prospects and customers find when they search for them online. You have the answers. Be their answer.

CRM Strategies to Close Sales: Targeted content helps convert website visitors into leads, and leads into sales. When prospects start their journey down the funnel, it’s because they’ve begun to identify your company as a potential solution to their problems. Learn how to turn prospects into customers and how to optimize CRM tactics to close sales.

Branding: Explore what constitutes a successful brand, the importances of brand sustainability, and why it's vital to create brand evangelists inside and outside your company.

It’s how business is being done today. Keeping up with your contemporaries and ahead of the competiton just got easier. Fill out the form and let us know which workshop or webinar we can customize to your needs.