Ultimate Guide to Customer Service for Industrial Manufacturers

The simple breakdown …

If your customers are happy with your service, they become your biggest promoters, helping to drive increased sales and business growth.

Are you okay with spending five times as much to acquire a customer than retaining an existing one? Did you know that you can increase profits from 25-95% with just a 5% customer retention increase?*

How do you keep your customers engaged and happy?

You need to have a comprehensive customer service program in place that provides oversight, consistency, follow-through, and remediation measures to exceed customer expectations.

Our Ultimate Guide to Customer Service for Industrial Manufacturers offers actionable insights and best practices that will help you build a successful customer service program. It outlines specific steps you can take to improve and optimize your customer relationships and gives an overview of the latest technology to help you keep up with growing demands of customers.

You’ll get information on:

  • How Customer Service Has Changed
    • The Compounding Effect of Customer Happiness
    • New Customer Service Channels
    • New Customer Success Metrics
    • Evolving Customer Support Software
  • What the Changes Mean to Your Manufacturing Business
  • How to Improve Your Customer Service Program?
  • HubSpot Service Hub
  • HubSpot Growth Suite

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