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Boston Ad Agency Executive, Bob Grant, to Sit on Informative Marketing for Manufacturers Panel

Posted by Cam Mirisola-Bynum on Feb 7, 2017 1:42:26 PM

Interactive Marketing Event, “Manufacturing Revenue for 2017 and Beyond,” to Be Held at HubSpot, Cambridge, MA

Inbound_Marketing_Agency.pngNew England-based manufacturers have a unique opportunity to participate in an event created just for them. On Monday, March 20, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., there is a free lunch & learn, called "Manufacturing Revenue for 2017 and Beyond," which will be held at HubSpot headquarters in Cambridge, MA. The event is headed by panelists from sales and marketing consultants that work in the manufacturing sector, along with Adam Chase, President and CEO of Chase Corporation. Bob Grant, President of Grant Marketing, a Boston marketing and branding agency that specializes in industrial manufacturing, will be speaking on the panel of esteemed marketing experts.

Discussion points will focus on how modern B2B manufacturing businesses can increase revenue by focusing on the buying habits of their buyers in 2017. Traditional marketing and sales tactics have changed—largely because buyer habits have changed. People, both when making B2C and B2B purchases, now rely heavily on their own online research prior to contacting a company. To this point, Bob Grant said, "If a company does not have a reliable digital path to attract, inform, and convert visitors into leads, they aren't just behind, but not even in the game."

This lunch & learn event will shed light on current industrial manufacturing marketing practices that will guide manufacturing companies through the steps and practices they must adopt to compete for the attention of buyers in their market space. Employing inbound marketing strategies, a main focus of this interactive day, helps companies learn how to mine the data for effective marketing campaigns, target content to attract qualified buyers, and integrate a sales and marketing strategy that works together to increase sales productivity, distribution channels, and increased revenue.

On being a panelist, Bob Grant said, "Having the ability to network with industry insiders and participate in an interactive forum where the focus is to inform and help each other is an extension of what we do every day at Grant Marketing. The added value is that the manufacturers who attend this lunch & learn can gain insights from a variety of people they might not otherwise have access to—Dharmesh Shah, Co-Owner and CTO of HubSpot, being one of them. What a fantastic opportunity for everyone to be participating in. All of the panelists are happy to share our knowledge of marketing practices that can improve revenues for industrial manufacturers."

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