Marketing, Communications, and Sales During COVID-19


How are you holding up in this new normal?

There are many unknowns in this changing business climate, though companies are trying to maintain some sense of normalcy. We’d like to help businesses work out new strategies regarding sales and marketing and explore how they are dealing with COVID-19 and what shifts it might represent in how they are approaching sales and marketing.


Preparing for the New Normal … Now

It’s not an overstatement to say that the COVID-19 outbreak has caused tremendous upheaval around the world. To continue providing value, organizations need to ensure that employees, customers, and all stakeholders in the supply chain are adequately informed. As the intensity of the crisis subsides, we may have found that we’ve created contingency strategies and new working models—some temporary, some we may realize are better than what we originally had. Either way, we need to come out of this with new tactics for dealing with unexpected crises and empowered approaches to maintaining effective, efficient operations during challenging times. In a nutshell: prepare for the future.


Need Help? We Are Here for You

As you consider the preparedness of your working model now and into the future, we can guide you in re-assessing your marketing and sales strategies, allowing you to communicate more efficiently and effectively with your customers. 

There are actionable communication strategies you will want to implement during this evolving crisis and the recovery window, which will remain an ongoing process that will likely continue long after the initial threat of the virus subsides. Below are areas we can help you execute so your communication channels remain open, informative, and effective to all stakeholders involved.

  • Internal email communication to employees and shareholders
  • Email communication, with pertinent interval updates, to customers and prospects
  • Dedicated website page for COVID-19 updates
  • Pop-up message on the website
  • Blog and updates related to the impact of COVID-19 on your industry/organization
  • Webinar communication—repurpose the trade show presentation you were going to give
  • Social media communication—graphic images with timely, targeted messages

As well, we can help you lay the groundwork for navigating a new normal as it relates to digital connecting, engaging, and sharing by:

  • Repurposing content assets
  • Reassessing your website
  • Developing new content offers in light of the ever-shifting situation

Get in touch with us today to discuss the dynamics of your evolving situation and we’ll work with you to figure out what preparing for the future should look like for you and your company … now.

Resources to Help You Navigate Your New Normal

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