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Caton Connector Hires Grant Marketing of Boston as Industrial Marketing and Branding Consultant

Posted by Bob Grant on Jun 27, 2016 11:11:12 AM

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Defense Diversification Program Awarded to Caton Connector

Caton-Connector-Industrial-Branding-Agency-Grant-Marketing.pngCaton Connector Corporation of Kingston, MA was selected by SBANE to receive matching funds under the Defense Diversification Program. Caton Connector is a manufacturer of high-voltage connectors and cable assemblies for use in the military, semiconductor, utility, and avionics industries. As well, Caton Connector is a preferred distributor of a large variety of wire—including flat wire, with both high- and low-voltage applications. Caton Connector has contracted with industrial manufacturing marketing agency, Grant Marketing of Boston, to update its corporate positioning statement and supporting sales messages so it can reach a broader audience of OEMs and other users of high-voltage connectors, along with creating a marketing plan and strategy to reach markets outside the defense industry.

SBANE and MassDevelopment introduced the "Defense Diversification Program" as an opportunity for Massachusetts defense-dependent businesses to diversify their product line and manufacturing processes to other industry verticals through high-powered private consulting expertise. Funding for this program has been provided through the Office of Economic Adjustment within the Department of Defense.

Dan Galambos, president of Caton Connector, said, "We are very pleased to have received this award from SBANE. The funds awarded through the Defense Diversification Program will help position our company for growth into OEM markets that use high-voltage connectors. Grant Marketing specializes in helping manufacturing companies with branding and marketing. We look forward to working with them."

Bob Grant, President of Grant Marketing, said, "We are very excited to work closely with Caton Connectors helping them identify and refine their corporate brand strategy. Caton is a preferred source by many defense industry OEM's for cable connectors and cable assemblies. We strongly believe that the new brand and marketing strategy will allow them to open new vertical markets and continue to strengthen their position in the defense industry."

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About Caton Connector Corporation
Caton Connector Corporation is a manufacturer of high-voltage, custom-designed connectors and cable assemblies for use in the military, semiconductor, utility, medical, and avionics industries, and is also a preferred distributor of a large variety of wire—including flat wire with both high- and low-voltage applications. Caton Connector provides the outstanding customer service of a family-owned company while delivering the best value, high- and low-voltage cable assembly solutions through a combination of electrical design expertise, advanced technology, and hard work.

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