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Grant Marketing Rebranding Revitalizes Leading New England Non-Profit Organization

Posted by Bob Grant on Sep 12, 2014 12:07:00 PM

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Ascentria_Logo_Vert_LR-300x248-1.pngBoston-based B2B Marketing and Branding Agency, Grant Marketing, Assisted in the Rebranding Efforts of Ascentria Care Alliance (Formerly Lutheran Social Services of New England) to Create a Complete, New Brand Identity.

Boston, MA — 09/12/2014 — Last year, Grant Marketing embarked on a year-long journey with the (then) Lutheran Social Services of New England, a Worcester-based non-profit organization to support its new mission and vision that entail building tighter brand cohesion across all its subsidiaries and reaching a wider and much more diverse audience of donors, partners, volunteers and clients.

Using its proprietary Focus 2020™ approach, a team of brand consultants from Grant Marketing took Lutheran Social Services of New England through carefully constructed steps of rebranding, which included conducting internal and external stakeholder discovery interviews and a brand audit to gain insight into the rich culture and heritage of this 142-year old organization. This process revealed that Lutheran Social Services of New England had outgrown its name in terms of breadth of services and population and geography served. A considerable range of the organization’s scope, impact and value had remained undetected, partly because of its perceived affiliation to the Lutheran Church. Backed by the discovery research findings, Grant Marketing worked closely with Lutheran Social Services on executing the name change to better reflect its internal identity and external image and vision.

After months of holding several meetings with marketing and management personnel regarding the new name, and with the acceptance of the board of directors, Lutheran Social Services of New England became Ascentria Care Alliance.

In alignment with the new strategic direction of Ascentria Care Alliance, the major brand facelift services from Grant Marketing also included an updated brand positioning statement, message, tagline, logo, corporate color palette/style guide, and print and website design templates. The new logo design graphically communicates the focus and goal of Ascentria Care Alliance—working together empowering people and strengthening communities through its new client-centered model of care.

Bob Grant, President of Grant Marketing said, “We’re very excited for the official launch of the full-scale branding outreach of Ascentria Care Alliance this month. The evolution of Lutheran Social Services into Ascentria Care Alliance was not a one-step process; the transition involved a lot of planning, creativity, research, and of course, feedback. Ascentria Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Communications, Jodie Justofin, did a fabulous job of coordinating the branding effort. Given the broad reach of Ascentria Care Alliance in different communities across New England, we strongly believe the new brand strategy will bring greater visibility and credibility, and act as a catalyst to attract and retain new donors, partners and supporters for them.”

Grant Marketing specializes in giving brand makeovers to a wide range of companies, including non-profit organizations located throughout New England. Using its proprietary Focus 2020 ™ approach, Grant Marketing helps companies to rebrand just about everything from their brand name, messaging and visuals, to the redesign of the website and marketing collateral.