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Grant Marketing Revitalizes Scully Signal Brand with a New Corporate Identity Including New Logo and New Website

Posted by Bob Grant on Mar 9, 2016 11:32:00 AM

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With the help of Boston-based Industrial Marketing Agency, World Leader in Fail-Safe Fluid Detection and Handling Systems, Scully Signal, Updates its Corporate Identity

scully-mark-shadow-300x300-2.pngBoston, MA — 03/09/2016 —Scully Signal Company is the world’s leader, original inventor, and contemporary innovator of fail-safe fluid detection and handling systems. Scully Signal serves a wide array of industries such as aviation, military, petroleum, chemical, fuel oil, marine, railroad, general transport, tank truck, automated, and fleet fueling operations.

For over 75 years, the Scully name has been synonymous with longevity, reliability, and quality. This reputation has been nurtured and carried on by the Scully family since Francis P. Scully founded the company in 1936 with the invention of the Ventalarm Signal®, an ingenious device designed to prevent spillage when filling residential oil tanks. In 2014, the company embarked on a year-long journey to revitalize its corporate message and identity with a new creative expression as part of a major brand modernization effort. The first phase of the exercise resulted in a new logo, positioning statement, supporting messages, and corporate style guide. This brand initiative was created in collaboration with Boston-based industrial marketing agency, Grant Marketing.

Using its proprietary Focus 2020™ approach, Grant Marketing facilitated a rebranding project with Scully Signal which included conducting internal, and external stakeholder interviews and a brand audit to gain insight into the values and legacy of the 75-year old company. This process revealed that the Scully name has been synonymous with ingenuity, longevity, reliability, and quality in the industry.

It all began with a quest to rediscover the long-standing legacy of Mr. Scully, reconnect the past with the future, and reengage with customers, partners, and employees amidst an evolving industry landscape. Today’s announcement unveils the new Scully Signal logo. Graphically, the logo represents the hallmark bullet-proof safety of Dynacheck®, Scully’s patented dynamic, self-checking circuitry technology by displaying a continuous checkmark symbol on a shield. The logo’s color scheme is a combination of darker and lighter shades of green, which not only honors Scully Signal’s historic logo, but also underscores its commitment to environmental-friendly products.

In alignment with the strategic direction of the company, Grant Marketing worked closely with Scully Signal to design and launch its new website. The new website for Scully is modern, interactive, and responsive. The new website makes it easy for Scully’s customers and prospects to easily navigate to the many products complete with specifications manufactured by Scully.

Katrina Ohl, Director, Marketing & Communications at Scully Signal Company, said, “We have great momentum as we bring to life, both verbally and visually, our new identity. As we move forward, we look back at our strong legacy and use our experience to guide us as we continue to modernize the company and pioneer the industry. Throughout the brand revitalization process, we’ve been driven by a deeper purpose, which is to simplify our customers’ experience across all the touch-points.”

Bob Grant, President of Grant Marketing said, “We’re very excited for the official launch of the revitalized Scully corporate identity and new website. The Grant Marketing brand and creative team worked very closely with the Scully marketing team to make this possible. The transition involved a lot of planning, creativity and research. We strongly believe the new brand strategy will reassure customers and prospects that Scully is still the most innovative and quality-centric company in its market.”

Grant Marketing specializes in brand strategy and inbound marketing for B2B companies, including industrial manufacturing. Using its proprietary Focus 2020™ process, Grant Marketing helps companies to refocus on their core strengths, improving their brand messaging and brand visuals, including updating logos, name changes, new collateral, advertising and websites.

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