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A New Controller Indicator Has Been Introduced by Alliance Scale, Inc.

Posted by Madina Madraimova on Apr 8, 2019 12:28:59 PM

Controller Indicator For Bottle Filling & Labeling

A new programmable indicator for chemical, food, and industrial container and bottle filling applications ranging from simple labeling to full data acquisition, traceability, communication and reporting has been introduced by Alliance Scale, Inc. of Canton, Massachusetts.


15791 Alliance CAS TrackerThe Alliance/CAS Tracker is a smart programmable indicator that can be configured to perform simple labeling or store and export all transactional data which can be sorted to provide meaningful reports.  Featuring a rugged stainless steel housing and enclosed keypad and display, this programmable controller is ideally suited for bottle filling and labeling applications.

Calibrated, configured, and controlled via the front panel, the Alliance/CAS Tracker has a multi-line display, easy to use keypad with function keys, versatile human readable and barcode labeling software, and full data manipulation capability.  A variety of communication options are available to meet specific customer labeling and packaging requirements.

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About Alliance Scale

Alliance Scale, Inc. is based in Canton, MA and is a value-added distributor for several major manufacturers of industrial scales and weighing systems. Alliance also provides expert repair and inspection services throughout the greater New England area. Offering on-site servicing and skilled technicians, Alliance Scale is always at the ready with quick response to repair or inspection needs to keep scales operational and help meet all regulatory and compliance requirements.