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Cobra Tie Is a Safe Choice of Cable Ties for the Marine Industry

Posted by Bob Grant on Apr 12, 2014 1:00:00 PM

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Cobra Tie Application VideoCobra Products, a supplier of the lowest low profile Cobra Cable Ties, offers the ultimate boat rigging solution that not only holds the boat wires tight but won’t leave sharp edges to bite the boater.

Hudson, MA – Cobra Low Profile Cable Ties, manufactured and distributed by Cobra Products Inc., are uniquely designed to address the concerns of marine installers, who often get their hands cut from the sharp edges of traditional cable ties, while performing repairs and maintenance work on boats and yachts.

Bill Bishop, owner of Parmain Boat Works proclaims in his Marine Installer’s Rant blog post, “Is it just me or my imagination that Cable Ties are the most dangerous thing on a boat … where even the small square body of the tie wrap has sharp enough corners to insure efficient collection of my flesh?” Cobra Ties provide unparallel safety with its flexible head design which captures the trimmed-end, creating a smooth, snag-free surface with no sharp barbs or spikes sticking out that can potentially injure the installer, mechanic or the boat enthusiast. An indispensable part of marine supplies, Cobra Ties with its superior tensile strength, low profile head, and visually appealing appearance can not only enhance the look of the boat, but would also effectively and efficiently meet the requirement of wire bundling projects around the boat. (Click Boat Image to view a video of the Cobra Tie Application)

Mark Bresnahan, Vice President and General Manager of Cobra Products, said, “The idea for Cobra Ties was born at a Boat Show. Upon seeing the engine wires of high-end boats cobbled together with crude zip-ties, it was deemed “pure ugly” by the inventor, David Hatch. Aware of complaints by marine installers and boaters like Bill Bishop, we are excited to bring the lowest low profile Nylon Tie on the market that looks great, holds tights, but will not bite you!” Cobra Ties are available in different dimensions, types and packs to suit broad range of marine application requirements, and providing marine consumers with easy-to-use fastening solutions.

About Cobra Products

Made in the U.S.A., Cobra is the lowest profile nylon tie on the market. RoHS and UL compliant, Cobra zip ties offer superior tensile strength and robust quality that stand up well in a wide range of environments. Safer than a traditional tie, Cobra features a smooth, snag-proof contour with no barbs or spikes to injure an installer, technician or end user. Please visit –