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Industrial B2B Brand Development Asks Why Your Customers Buy?

Posted by Bob Grant on Jul 24, 2014 10:44AM

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Why Do Your Customers Buy from You?

You own a small manufacturing company and you think you have the greatest products and service in your industry, but do you really know why your customers buy from you? Do they buy on price, or is there some little nuance that differentiates you from your competition that your customers have discovered?


Companies buy from other companies for many reasons. Sometimes it’s about price; sometimes it’s about convenience; sometimes it’s about quality; sometime’s its about relationships. While you, Mr./Ms. manufacturing owner, have an understanding of what sets your company apart from other companies in your industry, do your customers share that same perception?

Can you answer the following questions?

  • Have you discovered what differentiates your company from your competitors?
  • Is your company distinction recognized by all of your clients/customers?
  • Does your distinction have value to your clients/customers and prospects?
  • Are employees in your company aware of this distinction?
  • Are new hires trained to communicate your company’s distinction?
  • Is your distinction communicated clearly to prospects?

As an industrial branding agencey, we work with many manufacturing companies in helping them refresh their corporate brands. Part of the brand developent process is to interview management and employees inside the company, but also the customers the company sells its products and services to. Our clients are often surprised at how different their customers view them. Since they are customers and obvioulsly like to buy from the company, the perception is often positive, but not what was expected. For example, a contract manufacturer might feel that customers buy from them because of their outstanding quality, but the customer might respond that it’s not so much about the quality, but because they can depend on fast delivery.

Whatever the differentiating points, a company that understands why its customers buy can leverage that differentiation in its marketing communications to obtain new customers.

If you want to see how your perception of your company brand stands up to examination, check out our no obligation Brand Report Card.

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