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US Manufacturers – Think B2B Brand Development Too!

Posted by Bob Grant on Apr 27, 2014 3:31PM

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In today’s economy and competitive environment it is very important for US manufacturing companies to be smart marketers. If you are an owner or CEO of a manufacturing company, like other B2B marketers, you need to understand what your company is good at and why it is different than your competition.

You need to …

  • Look inside your company. Do you know what are your company’s strengths?
  • Look inside your company. Do your employees know your company’s strengths?
  • Look outside your company. Do your customers know why you are different than your competitors?

Your brand is the evidence of what makes your company unique. The process of uncovering that brand is brand development.

Once your company brand is defined and understood by everyone in the company, then and only then, are you in a position to create a successful marketing campaign.

How does your brand stack up?


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