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Why Professional Industrial Photography and Video Is Important to Your Sales

Posted by Bob Grant on Apr 14, 2022 4:15PM

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The Look of Manufacturing in America
Even if you have a sales force, marketing manager, social media expert, or an event coordinator, they all need collateral to help sell your product or services. Your investment in machinery, technology, and expertise deserves the best visual representation through professional industrial photography. As well, you’ve spent all that money to be the best in your industry—people should see it in all its glory.industrial-photo-dion-2

When on location, photographers often hear this sentiment: “It’s only directed to engineers.” With this mind-set, customers often settle for cell phone snapshots with no proper lighting, no depth of field, no interesting angle, and no visual impact. Some photography clients think that the engineer is only interested in the materials, tolerances, and reliability of a product or part being manufactured at their factory. While this may be true, they also are drawn to things that catch their eye. Job titles aside, it’s human instinct. To get their attention about your product or service, a profession image can quickly stimulate their interest to learn more.

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Many manufacturers are proud of their facilities and the machinery and equipment that they have invested in to serve their customers. While it was common to invite customers and prospects to a facility, that activity has almost ceased due to COVID-19. It is more important than ever that your facility and equipment be portrayed with the very best professional industrial photography or video.

After many years of experience in working with professional manufacturing photographers, we know that the machinery is only part of the solution for their customers. By adding a technician and/or a manufactured part into the image, the viewer sees the operation as much more than just an expensive machine. They see it as the solution to their problem and the expertise behind the machine. This is how a picture can help people truly visualize their possible next steps through to achieving that next goal.

Manufacturing photography plays a crucial role in attracting new customers or reassuring old ones. Some factories are on the dirty side due to the processes they perform, and some are clean.

Industrial photographers see the overall factory differently than the machine operator, sales, or management team. They understand the how visual imagery triggers attention.

They intrinsically understand the three-dimensional alignment of shapes, textures and colors, highlights and shadows. A good photog will always take a walk-through prior to starting the day, or even add a site survey to the project days before the shoot. Adding a key light, a colored gel, getting the right angle, and choosing the right lens and depth of field will tell the story faster than a paragraph of text.


What gets captured from the fresh eyes and a creative perspective of a professional industrial photographer often surprises the client. It’s not form over function; it’s the harmony between the two—like a fine Swiss watch. Both are needed to create a dynamic image.

No matter how dirty or how clean your factory is, a professional industrial photographer can breathe new life into your company story. Choosing the right one is important. Carefully navigate their online portfolios to find the one that’s right for your needs, has researched your industry, and can create images that will not only grab more attention but build your brand while doing so.

The Grant Marketing team and our clients do extensive photography work with Wayne Dion—we have done so for years. Wayne has decades of experience and has honed his craft to create remarkable images. Getting a truly “inside” look at manufacturing—whether it’s watching the metal fly through oil while a five-axis CNC machine sculpts hard metal into shape or a 660-ton stamping press turn a coil of stainless into your next component—customers and prospects see more than the value of your work; they can envision the endless potential working with you. You want someone like Wayne behind the lens who can capture images of machines and people in action and grand overviews of a production floor or the grounds of the facility. Wayne started out in commercial video production and is available video work, along with his photography. You can find his portfolio online at Talk with us at Grant Marketing to explore how professional industrial photography and video can help your business grow.  

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Industrial Photography Discount Special-cta

Photos by ©2021 Wayne Dion/Dion & Company

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