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Industrial Content Marketing and You

Posted by James Carver on Aug 11, 2014 10:1AM


In an online world filled with pop-ups, dings, buzzes, buttons, commercials, and so on, you need to ensure that your business is doing everything in your power to stay ahead of the competition. Now, you may be wondering, how does your business gain this edge over the competition? How do you become a unique voice in the shrill of distracting buzz words? Well, the simple two-word answer is: content marketing. Yup, industrial content marketing can make all the difference in the B2B industrial marketing sphere.

But what Is Content Marketing?

Glad you asked. Content marketing is a marketing technique that creates and distributes valuable and relevant content consistently to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience—with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Content marketing strategy is highly targeted, which helps qualify leads even before you actually capture them. It’s a very effective strategy and you don’t have to be a content marketing agency to get results, though the pros can help. 

How Content Marketing Is Beneficial to You

Content marketing has the power to attract, as well as, retain customers and businesses. When you develop high-quality and relevant content, prospective customers will seek you out. You’ll establish yourself as an industry expert and they will already have a positive experience with you before they fill out their first lead form. Keeping your content fresh keeps them happy, informed, and coming back. This is nurturing in its most elemental form. It creates a genuine relationship with customers—and it works in delighting them.                                                       

We’re not just Saying so … the Stats Do, too!

This data exposes how critical content marketing is to your company. If your company uses content marketing improperly, your company could potentially lose or epically mismanage a quarter of their marketing budget; and if you do not exploit the many advantages of content marketing, your company could be losing thousands of potential leads and customers.

When “Some Content” is not Enough

Your company can upload a few pictures here and there, throw in a couple videos, join a social media site, and still be lacking the traffic you were hoping for. That’s because your company has marketed content improperly. Your company MUST maintain a steady flow of targeted content at the correct times for your audience, as well as content that entertains and informs. Web crawlers (automated systems that surf the web and rank pages) search for websites that frequently upload relevant, high-quality content, which can help your site attain a higher rank.

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

If you follow these tips and tricks, your company’s traffic will take off like a rocket bound for the moon.

  • Conduct interviews with potential or current buyers
  • Create verbal tweets
  • Make content that your customers desire: it’s not what you know, it’s how you say it
  • Correlate your content marketing strategy with your email strategy
  • Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog: be sure it is high quality over mass quantity
  • Research your target audience
  • Publish content related to your area of expertise
  • Publish shareable content
  • Consistently publish content

Content marketing requires diligence. Once you get in a groove with it, it becomes second nature—truly like you are having conversations with an interested audience. It’s like being in on one of the secrets that content marketing agencies like Grant Marketing know about and implement with success. And if you harness all of the powers that effective industrial content marketing contains, your company will see real results. Who wouldn’t want increased market share all the way to the moon? Not you.

We’re happy to help you begin the journey into content marketing. Find out how to easily implement a strategy that will work best for you. Get your free assessment with our in-house inbound marketing specialist today! 

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